Art that Resonates: escape the ordinary with abstract oceanic art

"We couldn't be more happy with the result - it's even better than we imagined."
Claire Ellis

My name is Rossie Henderson-Begg and I am an English abstract artist living in the beautiful city of Bristol in South West England, inspired mainly by the ocean or water, faith, our inner strength and our need to belong.

I use various mediums, mainly acrylic paint, with silicone oil and sometimes ink, or other more natural ingredients such as tea! and have found that I come alive when I create with the paint, allowing it to move where it wants to, using heat, pouring, and layering to discover the creations hidden within.

To date I have sold work, including commissions, through social media, local art trails and galleries, and personal connections, and have had my work exhibited in a PwC exhibition in central London, Brick Lane Gallery in central London, and in the prestigious Artistcloseup contemporary art magazine.

I want my paintings to be pieces in people’s homes and public spaces to inspire, that every time people walk past one of my paintings they see something new, that it would speak to them on many levels and open their souls up to the more of life, what is within them, and perhaps what is beyond them.