You Are Loved – giclée fine art print

This print comes in 3 sizes: 666.6x80cm, 83.3x100cm and 100x120cm, professionally printed on Portrait White 285gsm paper, though this print can also come in a metallic version if desired!  (If you would like an alternative size or the metallic version, please contact me).

Can I be a little vulnerable with you for a moment? Taking the leap of becoming a full-time artist is so incredibly exciting and I have been blown away by the support and love I have received. But stepping out in this way also brings with it impostor syndrome, fear of failure, fear of disappointing those who believe in me, or of not being good enough. ‘You Are Loved’ is actually painted over another painting. I liked the original piece but it didn’t go with me or say what I wanted it to. I felt drawn to paint over this large piece, and as I mixed, poured, brushed, palette knifed, heated and layered, there was one thing that I kept hearing – “you are loved”. We can get so bogged down with expectations, real and imagined, from others and the ones we put on ourselves. But it was so therapeutic to create this beautiful piece and be reminded that just as I am, I am loved. My faith in God, my family, my friends, my belief in myself, all contribute to know that this is truth, unconditionally.