Uncovered (50x100cm)

Uncovered. I love to create with the paint and see what develops, and I have loved flowing with this painting and watching it unfold in different layers and find what it reveals to me about myself along the way.

Some have said it looks like uncovering fossils, some bubbles, some liken it to metamorphosis, some just like the patterns and waves. It feels to me like I can see the ocean, but also somehow the ocean floor, as if both the surface and the deep are exposed, uncovered, at the same time.

And honestly being an artist can also feel like this to me sometimes. This is just a painting, but to me it is also sharing my depth with you, my vulnerability, my heart and my hope. And it is a privilege to invite you to let my art uncover something within you too.

50x100cm, stretched canvas. Acrylic and silicone oil.

This original painting is available, please contact me for more details!