Positive Space (100x100cm)

Life can be incredibly full, busy, pressured and fast paced. We often need much more time and space than we give ourselves, to reflect, to take a moment to pause and breathe life in. Sometimes the white areas on a painting are called ‘negative space’, yet here, I want to give some positive space. I imagine sitting by the ocean, perhaps on a coastal rock, surrounded by the ever-moving water. And just taking it all in. Letting the moment and the ocean wash over the to do lists, the expectations, the pressures and worries. One aspect of doing this which enables me to gain peace and perspective is knowing that I am not the centre, but simply one tiny part of this enormous and beautiful world. That though I am significant, as we all are, I am not actually the One in charge, I am not truly the One in control, but I am always and unconditionally loved, whatever life looks like at that moment. Give yourself some positive space.

100x100cm, acrylic and silicone oil on deep edged canvas. Framed in handmade wooden white painted floater frame




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